So you are thinking about going to Maine? AWESOME IDEA!!!

Once I start getting near the ocean and see those tall thin craggy trees with wild branches sticking out in all directions my consciousness begins to shift into low gear. I feel like the me I am meant to be! I love the smell of the cold salt water beneath the mysterious of fog where occasionally I find a seal staring into my soul… Jumping from rock to rock (aka bouldering), there are incredible tidal pools and little coves to explore. AND Inland there are is lots of warm sun, blueberries and LAKES to swim in.

I love photographing people when they are relaxed and have the time and space to be themselves!

Hey there are stars up in the sky… lots of them! No better place to rejuvinate and find inspiration than in Maine.

Welcome to my blog about Maine and Mainely Portraits! Stay tuned to see if I can start summer business in the place and love as well as what is specific to Maine and where to find it!